viernes, 23 de febrero de 2007


In this course of English 4 I made plenty of Essays, I talked about myself, that I am 22 years old, that I have long brown hair and brown eye, the things that I like to do like hanging out with my Boyfriend “ah I also talked about my boyfriend and I, we were together in a picture”, friends and family and my cute little nephew, the things that I hate like the fish and wash dishes...

I also talked about Maracaibo The most beautiful city in the world, Maracaibo have a lot pretty and interesting places to go and there are nice people everywhere and is one of the most important producers of Oil in Venezuela and Latin-American; the weather in Maracaibo is hot but because of her Beauty you don’t think about the Weather. I even made a comparison between this nice city and Rome Italy, they both are beautiful cities and they both have pretty places to visit and the weather is very unlike in both cities, but one of the main different between this two cities is that Rome is older than Maracaibo and that is why Rome have a lot of history...

I also made an advertisement about an amazing Headache reliever named “Nulo-Headache” that takes the headache away from you instantly thanks to his rapid relief formula

In this interesting level of the English I made a dialogue, the dialogue was about a waitress and two customers, the customers wants to have something to eat and they ask the waitress to serve them. I talked about Luis Miguel and his success in his career as a singer.
English is an important language and I hope to be good at it soon. I can read it a little bit and I have a hard time speaking it but I’m practicing it with my boyfriend and I’m getting better on it.

jueves, 22 de febrero de 2007

Here we have the magnificant, the best " Nulo Headache". The one that eliminates the strongest headache, thanks to this rapid releif formula make us feel better in a second. "Nulo Headache" takes the pain away from the fett to the head.
Maracaibo is more beautiful than Rome, Rome is colder than Maracaibo. People in Maracaibo is more friendly than in Rome, Maracaibo is the best city in the world...

Rome is older and more interesting than Maracaibo, mots of the people in Rome are more respecful...

Holidays in Maracaibo are funnier and happier than in Rome.

Ana: Tell me Daniela, What are you gonig to do tonight?, Are we gonig to the club?

Daniela: Well I don't know yet

Ana: Why?

Daniela: Becuase I think that I have to work tomorrow and I will have to get up early

Ana: No problem, lets go to the movies then, would you like to?

Daniela: Yes, I would love to

Ana: Ok, I will pick you up at 7:00pm

Maracaibo is a beautiful city. There are nice people everywhere. Maracaibo is a hot city but it is no something to think about because there is a lot of beautiful places that makes you forget abauot the weather. Maracaibo is also important city because of the oil, Maracaibo is one of the firts producers of oil in Venezuela and latinoamerica. Maracaibo has museums, places to go to have a walk like in"La Vereda del Lago", has a lot of night live and places to go shopping. The outcome is that Maracaibo is one of the most, maybe the best city of Venezuela.

Waitress: May I take your order?.
Customer 1: Yes, I would like a pizza.
Waitress: What kind of pizza do you want?.
Customer 1:Well, let me think.I want a peperoni pizza.
Waitress: Ok. What would you like to drink?.
Customer 1: I would like a large soda.
Waitress: Would you like anything else?
Customer 1: No, thank you, that will be all.
Customer 2: Good afternoon. I would like to order hamburger with no onions and lettuce.
Waitress: What do you perfer french fries or mashed potatoes?.
Customer 2: Uhmm, I pefer french potatoes.
Waitress: Would you like anything else?.
Customer 2: No, that will be all for the moment. Maybe a dessert later.

Luis Miguel is a successful Singer, He is 36 years old he have short brown hair and green eye, He is thin and not too tall. He has been a Singer for several years since he was 12 years old. He is wearing a black suit with a white and black shirt and a black tie.

Daniela Bradley
Level 4
Section: CI42